Quality Policy Statement

It is the policy of Kinjoy Enterprise Sdn Bhd to engage and establish herself as a leading Maintenance and Trading Contractor within Malaysia.

It is Kinjoy Enterprise Sdn Bhd policy to always provide and continually improve the quality of products and quality of services to satisfy our client’s need.

In pursuing this policy, Kinjoy Enterprise Sdn Bhd is committed to the following quality statement:-

  • Adopting excellence in everything we do.
  • Emphasis on Total Customer Service.
  • Strict compliance to all applicable standards and regulations in all our activities.
  • Optimizing costs through maximizing productivity.
  • Recognition of the total involvement and participation of the workforce.

Management HSE Policy Statement

It is the policy of Kinjoy Enterprise Sdn Bhd that all possible steps are taken to prevent accidents and injuries, and create a safe and healthy environment to every individual employee.

to: –

  • Ensure that the legislation and statutory regulations for activities carried out in its operation are complied.
  • Ensure the Health and Safety of all Company employees are not compromised.
  • Instill personal interest and responsibility in Health, Safety and Environment in all Company employees.
  • Environment conservation.

Kinjoy Enterprise Sdn Bhd believes that a healthy and safe working environment is of greatest importance in all its operations and endeavors in order to prevent all accidents and injuries. The management promotes safety training and develops safety management to ensure that all employees acquire the necessary safety awareness.

To achieve the objectives of this Policy, the Management and all its employees will strive to:-

  • Prevent all accidents and injuries
  • Prevent pollution to the environment