MorSafe Hot Bolting Clamp

The MorSafe clamp consists of segments that are bolted together to securely hold a flange in place while replacing the bolts. The Clamp prevents pre-load from being transferred direcly to the flange gasket.

What is Hot Bolting?

“The sequential removal and replacement of bolts on flanged joints while under reduced operation pressure. It is carried out one bolt at a time in a predetermined cross pattern sequence.” ASME PCC 2 Article 3.11

Why is Hot Bolting Necessary?

  1. Corrosion can wear away the flange bolts and cause leaks or hazards
  2. Pipeline shutdown is expensive downtime and can be prevented in bolt replacement

The MorSafe hot-bolting solution is the only patented clamp in the marketplace today. The device assures secure bolt replacement. MorSafe is designed with a system (backstop) which counteracts the pretension of the tool to avoid gasket crushing.